Custom Extrusions


Company Profile

Shanghai GaoFen Industrial Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company under GaoFen Group, that is engaged in industrial aluminum profile research and development, production, processing and assembly, sales, brand building and promotion. It has 7500T,4500T,3600T, 1800T, 800T and other extrusion lines. anodized line,Several sets of CNC machining, milling, punching and aluminum welding equipment. Products are widely used in artificial intelligence, new energy, photovoltaic Automotive, medical, environmental protection, aerospace, aviation, and other fields.

Aluminum products (profiles)

From mold research and development design to extrusion molding; Through CNC, digital display, argon welding and other equipment, aluminum welding, cold drawing, punching, turning, milling, bending and other post-processing are carried out. The surface of the product is treated by sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing, anodized coloring, electrophoresis, spraying and other processes.


Industrial aluminum profiles and accessories

All year round, assembly line profiles and accessories are available to ensure the speed of supply. At the same time, it provides you with a new concept of frame assembly. Products are used in assembly line worktables, equipment frames, machine shields, safety fences and other automation equipment.

In addition to accepting entrusted processing, we can also deal with it in all directions from design to production according to customer requirements. Please feel free to choose GaoFen Company. GaoFen has a sound operating system, design from the mold development, industrial aluminum profile extrusion production, deep processing industry aluminum molding, assembly line of special sections and the parts varieties complete, product processing and assembly, the sale, after sale service and technical consultation; adhering to the customer first, customers would like to think, urgent customer needs independent innovation, continuous improvement, the purpose, dedication to the vast number of old and new customers.