Where is the most industrial aluminum used?

In our life, industrial aluminum profiles can be seen everywhere. Industrial aluminum profiles are used in many industrial fields due to their good formability and processability, and their surface is covered with oxide film, which is beautiful and durable, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, and can be recycled. Many people do not know the props in the application scope of industrial aluminum profiles. Next, Shanghai jinaluminum will show you the application scope of industrial aluminum profiles.

What are the specific industries that use more industrial aluminum profiles?


1. Solar photovoltaic industry: it can be used to make solar photovoltaic bracket, solar aluminum profile frame, etc;

2. Electronic and electrical industry: it is used for the workbench and operation table needed by various electronic components factories;

3. Large escalator maintenance platform: such as airport platform, equipment maintenance platform, factory cross-barrier ladder, climbing ladder escalator, etc;

4. Equipment Protective Cover: dust-proof sealing cover and product display cabinet for all kinds of mechanical equipment;

5. Workshop production line: production line of various intensive enterprises, station operation table, production line workbench, conveyor belt, conveyor belt;

6. Safety fence: safety fence, regional partition, screen and industrial fence of various industrial aluminum profiles;

7. Storage rack material rack: all kinds of storage rack, storage rack, material rack, display rack, material turnover truck, aluminum work cart trolley, circulation bar storage rack;

8. Frame structure: aluminum frame, frame, bracket and equipment column of all kinds of equipment;

9. Automobile manufacturing industry: it can be used for car body manufacturing and model frame manufacturing;

10. Radiator products: can be used in the manufacture of various radiator products;

11. Aluminum alloy profiles for rail vehicles. The frame around the track station, etc.

12. Aluminum profiles for medical equipment. Equipment frame, equipment accessories, medical stretcher bed, etc.

The application of industrial aluminum has been widely used in life and industry. The specific application fields include: automation industry, automobile manufacturing industry, electronics industry, machinery and equipment industry, clean engineering and scientific research institutes in colleges and universities. Therefore, those who need aluminum profiles are also automation equipment factories, automobile manufacturers, electronics factories, machinery factories, clean engineering LTD, scientific research institutes of colleges and universities, etc. The above is just a brief summary of some of the most basic applications. Due to the continuous utilization of aluminum profiles, all aspects of the application in all walks of life have been pure blasted green, showing a trend of expansion. They are more and more popular and can’t be achieved. What industrial aluminum profiles bring us most directly is beauty, durability and lightness, so they are more and more popular. If you need industrial aluminum profile or customized aluminum profile frame, you can leave a message to Shanghai jinaluminum. More than 20 years of aluminum profile manufacturers, ready stock direct sales, wholesale and retail of aluminum profiles and accessories, can customize a variety of frame structures as needed, skilled and experienced.

Post time: Jan-29-2024