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  • Why must drawings be necessary for aluminum profile customization.

      We all know that aluminum alloy profiles are required to open the mold extrusion molding, then some profiles are not present mold, that is, the customer’s own development of profiles, design drawings and then need to come to the customized...
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  • What are the surface treatment processes of aluminum profiles?

    Surface treatment: it can form a protective layer to protect the body on the surface of the product after being treated by mechanical and chemical methods. It can reach a stable state in nature, increase the corrosion resistance of the body and in...
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  • Benefits of industrial aluminum profile processing test mold

    One process that industrial aluminum profiles need to go through during processing is extrusion, and die test is a necessary operation for industrial aluminum profile extrusion. What are the benefits of industrial aluminum profile test? Let’...
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  • Method for judging qualified aluminum profiles processed by CNC

    As we all know, the quality of aluminum profiles sold in the aluminum profile market is mixed, resulting in the emergence of many unqualified aluminum profile products on the market. Some bad merchants do not hesitate to reduce costs in order to s...
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  • Where is the most industrial aluminum used?

    In our life, industrial aluminum profiles can be seen everywhere. Industrial aluminum profiles are used in many industrial fields due to their good formability and processability, and their surface is covered with oxide film, which is beautiful an...
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  • What is the impact of global high temperature on aluminum price?

      Internationally, at present, multiple factors have led to tight power supply in Europe. The power structure in Europe is mainly composed of natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy. Natural gas is affected by geopolitical situation, and ...
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  • What are the categories of aluminum profiles?

    I. It can be divided into the following categories by purpose: 1. Industrial aluminum profile: it is mainly used for automatic mechanical equipment, framework of sealing cover and customized mold opening of each company according to its own mechan...
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  • Five most common surface treatment methods for industrial aluminum profiles

    Five most common surface treatment methods for industrial aluminum profiles

    Today, we specially sorted out the five most common surface treatment methods for industrial aluminum profiles: Frosted fabric industrial aluminum profile: frosted surface industrial aluminum profile avoids the defect that bright aluminum alloy pr...
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  • How to select high-quality aluminum profiles?

    How to select high-quality aluminum profiles?

    As a heat dissipation tool with high heat dissipation efficiency, aluminum radiator is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, lighting and other industries. However, different manufacturers of Aluminum Radiator have different technolog...
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